What are community coalitions?

Community coalitions are comprised of parents, teachers, law enforcement, businesses, religious leaders, health providers and other community activists who are mobilizing at the local level -- and nationally under the CADCA umbrella -- to make their communities safer, healthier and drug-free.

If you’re ready to start a coalition in your community, CADCA wants to help! Check out the Coalition Starter Kit below and then contact CADCA’s Technical Assistance Manager who can help you develop a plan, recruit members, locate funding, and more.

Coalition Starter Kit



Jackie RhodesImagine having someone who is sitting by her phone and email ready and able to help you start a new coalition whenever you want. Someone whose job it is to provide no-cost, unlimited advice and resources to new and existing coalitions. CADCA has that! We employ a full-time Technical Assistance Manager to ensure that coalitions’ needs are met in a timely fashion. Think of it as tech support for your coalitions!

CADCA's Technical Assistance Manager: Jackie Rhodes, 1-800-54-CADCA ext 240, jrhodes@cadca.org