Upcoming Research Into Action Webinar: Youth Substance Use Data Support a Common Liability of All Drug Use


Wednesday, October 23, 2019 – CADCA is proud to present this installment of its Research Into Action webinar series featuring Dr. Robert DuPont, Dr. Caroline DuPont, and Dr. Bertha Madras discussing their recent article, “Drug use among youth: National survey data support a common liability”, which was published in Preventative Medicine in 2018. Dr. DuPont, Dr. DuPont, and Dr. Madras will discuss their article’s findings regarding the effects of the use of one substance on the probability of use of other substances among adolescents. The article found that youth who used cigarettes, marijuana, or alcohol in the past month were more likely to also report using another substance than non-using youth. Dr. DuPont, Dr. DuPont, and Dr. Madras will discuss the implications their findings have for coalition work and how coalitions can promote a message of no use of any substance among youth.

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About Research Into Action:

CADCA’s Evaluation and Research team invites you to join our bi-monthly webinar series Conversations: Putting Research into Action—the bridge between scholarly research and day-to-day coalition efforts. Throughout the year, we moderate live conversations with substance misuse prevention experts and participating coalition members. This is your opportunity to learn about the latest research and its implications for coalition work and ask pertinent questions of experts in their fields.  

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