CADCA’s GOT Outcomes! Awards recognize coalitions that achieve measurable success in community-level substance use and misuse prevention-related outcomes by implementing a comprehensive and feasible plan guided by local data. Based on the achieved outcomes, applicants apply to one of three award categories: Coalition in Focus (short-term outcomes), Coalition of Excellence (intermediate outcomes) or Coalition of the Year (long-term outcomes). They begin a rigorous two phase application process requiring them to clearly communicate their story and contribution to community-level outcomes.

Phase I

Coalitions select one substance use or misuse issue which they helped address and would like to highlight in this process. They show the comprehensive steps they have taken to reach short, intermediate or long-term outcomes. This is presented through CADCA’s six products that are used and developed by coalitions to address their community’s specific needs, including:

  • Community Assessment
  • Logic Model
  • Strategic and Action Plan
  • Evaluation Plan
  • Evaluation Communication Plan
  • Sustainability Plan

Phase II

Coalitions chosen to move on to phase II will receive personal technical assistance to further strengthen their application. They transform their work and present it in the form of 1) a PowerPoint with an overview of the coalition’s community, work and data to support the outcomes and 2) an infographic to illustrate their community-level outcomes.


Coalitions that excel in one of the three categories will win:

  • Free lodging, travel and registration for one coalition member to attend CADCA’s Annual National Leadership Forum
  • A custom award with their coalition’s name and successes engraved on the front
  • Recognition in CADCA’s Annual Printed Coalitions newsletter, on CADCA’s GOT OUTCOMES! Program website and other CADCA communications
  • A special feature during CADCA’s GOT OUTCOMES! Workshop at the National Leadership Forum
  • Consideration for coalition leaders to participate in CADCA training/leadership opportunities (e.g., CADCA Advisory boards)
  • Eligibility to participate in the Graduate Coalition Academy (GCA)

For more information, please email or call 703-706-0565 ext. 267.

2019 Winners

Coalition of the Year
Riverhead Community Coalition for Safe
and Drug-Free Youth

Coalition in Focus
Noble SWAT Drug Free Communities

Coalition of Excellence
Drug Free Fayette

      Previous Winners