CADCA Welcomes Four Humphrey Fellows

CADCA is committed to developing and advancing the capacity of individuals, organizations and institutions globally in the pursuit of building safe, healthy and drug-free communities. For the last four years, CADCA’s international programs has hosted fellows from The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program for the purpose of completing a professional affiliation in the area of drug prevention. 

FDA Proclaims it’s the End Authority to all ENDS

On May 5, the Food and Drug Administration finalized a rule extending its authority to all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes or ENDS cigars, hookah tobacco and pipe tobacco, among others.

CADCA and health advocates everywhere are excited about this historic rule for many reasons: It furthers the purpose of the Tobacco Control Act of 2009 (i.e. the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009) and allows the FDA to improve public health and protect future generations from the dangers of tobacco use and nicotine addiction through a variety of steps. 

National Drug Take Back Day Reflections on Four Hours and 45 Lives

In the parking lot of a church in Alexandria, Va., over four hours April 30th, providence gave me an opportunity to meet 45 wonderful individuals as part of a National Drug Take Back Day. Working in support of the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Alexandria, I had a chance to be part of the lives of others - for a few minutes each meeting. There was a steady flow of individuals – women and men – most of whom would be described as “baby-boomers” – all with a story that some wished to share.

CADCA Represents Coalitions at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session

At our core, CADCA is committed to defending the human right to a healthy life. And we believe that the key to this is building safe, healthy and drug-free communities. This is why, for the past 23 years, we have made this our mission. And thankfully, we are regarded highly enough to be invited to the international table to discuss the importance of a community-based approach to preventing and reducing illicit drug use. It has been an honor and a tremendous responsibility to attend the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) in New York this week.

Ruminating on Dentistry and Painkillers

This morning I spent some quality time upside down in a dentist chair, getting two fillings. I really don’t know why he offered, but my dentist said “I could numb you or we could try it without. It’s your choice.” I replied, “Let’s try it without, and I’ll let you know if it gets too painful.” 

Why would I forego the comfort of Novocain, you ask?  Well, I knew I had an important meeting with my boss in an hour and didn’t want my mouth numb for that conversation. Plus, I wanted to see if I could do it.  I have to be honest. It wasn’t great.  But it wasn’t unbearable. 

Eyewitness Report: FDA Science Board Meets on Opioid Crisis

The newly appointed FDA Commissioner, Robert M. Califf, M.D., has made addressing the opioid crisis a priority. On February 4, as many CADCA members were wrapping up their training at CADCA’s National Leadership Forum, the FDA announced an action plan to reassess the agency’s approach to opioid medications. 

Great Stuff About Snuff: Smokeless Tobacco Burns

The Great American Spit Out occurs today. Yes, CADCA is encouraging our coalitions to give your community members permission to spit. Permanently.

The Great American Spit Out is part of Through With Chew Week, an annual observation which ends on Saturday.

Dentists, otolaryngologists—physicians concerned with the ears, nose, and throat—and CADCA have proclaimed the week of February 14–20, 2016, as "Through With Chew Week" in an effort to call attention to the use of smokeless tobacco.

Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month: Work with Us to Save Lives

At the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), we’ve worked a long time with our safety partners across America to reduce deaths and injuries from automotive crashes due to impaired driving. Alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in the past 10 years have declined by 21 percent. That’s progress. But it’s not enough. In 2014 alone, 9,967 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes—roughly one-third of all motor vehicle deaths that year.

CADCA at Mexican congress

Viva la prevencion! CADCA Celebrates Healthy Lives at International Addiction Congress in Mexico

CADCA is proud to be participating in the International Congress on Addictions in Mexico City, Mexico. CADCA is represented by me, its Chairman and CEO, Gen. Arthur Dean, Vice-President of our International Programs, Mr. Eric Siervo. 

Yesterday, I presented on "Successful Practices in Prevention." The session had more than 200 attendees and they had great interest in CADCA’s prevention work and strategies.

A Dose of Prevention for the Medicine Cabinet

Changing individual habits has never been easy, let alone changing the habits of an entire community, but that’s exactly what volunteers are doing through safe disposal initiatives.

No longer are residents simply flushing away old medication or carelessly throwing it away with the rest of their garbage. Thanks to increased efforts to educate people about medicine abuse, members of our community are now more mindful about how they use, store and even dispose of their medication.