International Programs Takes Off at the 17th Annual Mid-Year Training Institute

The 17th annual Mid-Year Training Institute (MYTI) hosted its largest attendance yet earlier this summer, with 2,100 attendees traveling to Orlando, Florida, and a robust program featuring 99+ training sessions. Additionally, this year saw an increase in international attendees, as 75 individuals from all over the world flew to Orlando to represent 20 countries.

Coalitions Leaders Globally are Gearing up to Attend CADCA’s 2018 Mid-Year Training Institute in Orlando, Florida

The upcoming CADCA Mid-Year Training Institute is set to be the biggest yet with over 2,000 registered participants on their way to the city of Orlando, Florida during the week of July 15th – 19th. Of those attending, 75 individuals are arriving from 21 different countries spanning Latin America, Africa, Central Asia and Southeast Asia.

Orlando: The City Beautiful

Next week, 2,000 prevention professionals will head to Orlando, Florida for the 17th Annual Mid-Year Training Institute, filled with training sessions, networking opportunities and dynamic speakers! While the days are jam-packed with learning and training, take advantage of free time to explore our host city of Orlando! Local coalition leaders Heather Wilkie and Erika Cooper from the Zebra Coalition penned a few suggestions about attractions for attendees while they visit the city.

Road Map to Prevention

As an emergency physician, it is my job to keep people alive. If someone dies during my shift, it's considered a failure. I never get used to it. Looking though medical examiner’s reports, it was page after page and prescription after prescription of failures, and those are the death diaries.  By studying why people died from an accidental prescription overdose we can learn about the red flags and create prevention strategies. San Diego death diary research looked at every such death and traced every prescription, pill, physician, and pharmacy. The data is a road map for prevention.

Youth Spotlight: Curtis Mark, 16, New Jersey

How did you get started in coalition work?

CADCA Welcomes Three Humphrey Fellows from Nigeria, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates

CADCA is committed to developing and advancing the capacity of individuals, organizations and institutions globally in the pursuit of building safe, healthy and drug-free communities. For the last six years, CADCA’s International Programs has hosted fellows from the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program for the purpose of completing a professional affiliation in the area of drug prevention. 

One Month with a New CADCA Member Benefit: Highlight from the CADCA Community

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new place to connect with the prevention community from across the globe and it’s an exclusive benefit, just for CADCA members. Members like Virgil Boysaw are taking full advantage of this new benefit to further the success of the prevention field.

March — National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Through our Geographic Health Equity Alliance (GHEA), CADCA observes National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month — a health observance dedicated by President Clinton in 2000 — to raise awareness about the disease among our partners, coalitions, and the communities they serve.  GHEA promotes colorectal cancer preventive measures such as informing our members of age-centric screening

What is the Annual Survey and Why Is It Important?

Deputy Director of the National Coalition Institute Shares Her Coalition Journey!

Name: Melissa-Kim Tom

Position: Deputy Director, Training, Technical Assistance and Outreach

Years at CADCA: Three in May

1) How did you get started in prevention work?